About us

With Internet and Social Media, the speed at which we create, react to, and act on news is fundamentally changing our relationship to information and how we put it in context. All the information did not come from just anywhere; it came from each of us, as well as other trusted news and information sources. It is no longer limited to one or two media sources, all of us that have a magic voice "MoJoVox" to the issues and events happening around us. Our contribution via blog, twitter, feedback and other interaction has allowed the news to become richer, timelier and have bigger impact. In parallel, because there are so many events and opinions around us, there are significant amount of noises created; It creates information overload and leads to waste of our time.
MoJoVox is about information liberation and optimization. We call ourselves "Life Media" that we allow you to discover live information on a topic you care about from sources that bring you the most relevant and up-to-date information.